Welcome to New Life Kingdom Ministries Bible College!

Leading people to Jesus and a community where they belong!

Ours is a registered educational bible college located in Brampton, Ontario, focusing on educating and equipping people who are interested in becoming Bible teachers and ministers of the gospel in our local and international Christian communities.

We offer certificate courses of Bible studies to help you grow in your knowledge of God’s Word. Whether you’re a new believer or a long-time follower of Christ, enroll with us.

Deepen & Broaden Your Relationship With God!

You are about to embark on an exciting adventure as you begin your biblical studies with us. We guarantee you, your experience will be a rich one, with potential in growth, opportunity to deepen your faith in Jesus Christ, academic excellence and friendship that will last a lifetime.

Our students also take core courses in English, computer literacy, history, psychology, sociology, public speaking, pastoral theology, systematic theology, Christian Studies, missions and music.

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Our Objectives

Teaching Bible & Stimulating Knowledge

Our Bible study courses will help you understand biblical principles and teach you how to apply them in your daily life.

Biblically Based

Every lesson taught in our Bible classroom course is Christ-centered andspirit-led.

Credit Knowledge

When you enroll with us, we’ll praise your prior learning and experience about Bible lessons.

Enroll Anytime

We understand you might had some priorities before, so you can enroll anytime of the year.

Pay As You Learn

Our tuition fee structure allows you to pay for what you learn, no matter when you start or quit.

Preaching The World

Join Us Every Monday & Thursday Morning+Evening For Bible Classes!