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Just a quick note to assure you that we are accepting applications for fall 2020 & winter 2021! We are looking forward with hope to gathering on campus in September, and planning for alternate scenarios in case the COVID-19 restrictions continue into fall. We encourage you to move forward with your application and we pledge to keep you updated so you can make the best decisions for your future. Please connect with our friendly Admissions crew with any questions!

Good To Know

Why do I need to fill the application form? By filling the application form will enable us receive your information to be process for the admission.

What if I get stuck or have questions about the form? Please contact our friendly Admissions crew! [1-855-566-7721 or]

What happens next? Your Admissions Advisor will be in touch by email to help you keep track of your next steps. Make sure to contact your reference and arrange for your transcript to be sent in.

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New Life Kingdom Ministries Bible College Application

Admission Requirements

New Life Kingdom Ministries Bible College requires the following from prospective students:

1. Evidence Of A Christian Commitment

Applicants must give evidence of personal faith in Jesus Christ, of living a consistent Christian life, and normally must have been actively involved in a local church for at least one year preceding their application.

2. Graduation From Secondary School Or Equivalent

Traditional high school: Applicants must submit evidence of graduation from secondary school on the academic program, or successful completion of an Adult Graduation Program (formerly GED), or equivalent if applying from another province or U.S. state.

Home schooled: New Life Kingdom Ministries Bible College welcomes applications from graduates of home-based schools and from other unaccredited and/or non-traditional secondary education programs. Home-schooled students must provide New Life Kingdom Ministries Bible College with SAT or ACT scores. They should also provide an educational background chart to serve as a transcript.

International applicants: Applicants from countries other than Canada or the United States must show evidence of educational attainment recognized as equal to Ontario secondary school graduation, such as a General Certificate of Education or similar evidence of academic preparation.

3. Demonstrated Proficiency In The English Language

All applicants to the College must demonstrate proficiency in English by providing written proof of ONE of the following 19 options. Documentation should be originals, not copies.

Secondary School Grades (High School)

English 12 (or equivalent*) C+ (67%)
English Literature 12 (or equivalent*) C+ (67%)
Communications 12 (or equivalent*) A (86%)
Technical and Professional Communications 12 C+ (67%)
* “Equivalent” means a course in an approved school or country where English is the principal language. The grade scale may be adjusted for the different grading practices.

College Level Grades

A minimum grade of C (70%) in a college level English composition or academic writing course.
Graduation from a recognized Certification program at an accredited college or university at which English is the primary language of instruction.

4.Compliance With Community Standards

Applicants must indicate willingness to comply with the College’s community standards and code of conduct.

5. Criminal Record Check (Counselling Program Only)

Have an official criminal record check (including a vulnerable sector) sent to NLKMBC.