Certificate Courses

1. Encounter Certificate In Bible

A foundational year of Bible study, designed to make the scriptures come alive through classroom instruction and spiritual reflection in community.

What Makes This Program Different

Faculty will walk with you as you come to know the Living Word of God in fresh ways. You will grow in confidence as you come to know what the Bible teaches and how to view the world by its light.
Through classes, campus experiences, and Impact Groups (small communities of discipleship), your faith will be strengthened for whatever is next.

Students who want to complete their study of the entire Bible can stay to earn a Diploma in Bible Study. If you decide to study elsewhere or enter the workforce, you will be able to do so with a strong biblical foundation.

2. Certificate In Musicianship

You have a voice; let it be heard. One year in our musicianship program will develop your vocal and instrumental skills, grounding you in scripture and giving you new ways to express yourself and your faith.

What Makes This Program Different

Students will be able to participate in the Music and Worship Arts co-curricular opportunities such as Music Appreciation, the Vinyl Vault, and the Songsmith Society. These opportunities will assist the student’s pursuit of musicianship.

Students will be interacting with and studying with present and like-minded music and worship arts students, as there will be similar requirements of music lessons, music lessons practice, music ensemble playing, etc.

Students will gain a foundation in musicianship with an aim toward fluency. Yearlong study in an instrument, in voice and vocal production, in songwriting, in ensemble playing will be directed to this aim.

3. Explore

Certificate in Outdoor Leadership
Experiential | Adventurous | Christ-Centered Leadership Driven