International Admission Process

1. Apply To Program

To begin the process, you must first fill our application online. Select the program of interest and pay the $500 non-refundable administration fee to process your application. Please note that no application will be reviewed without FEE payment.

2. Book An Interview

Once we receive your application along with the processing fee, we will contact you via email to set up a Whatsapp interview. This interview is to help us get to know you better and evaluate each candidate. If you are accepted, you will then receive an email explaining how to apply for your student visa and pay your tuition costs.

3. Pay Tuition Fee

All international students are expected to pay their tuition in full, once they have been accepted into our school. Contact the school on how to make the payment.

4. Apply For Visa

After paying for your tuition fee, you may now proceed to apply for your student visa with the Canadian government. Please make sure you submit your acceptance letter along with all your receipts.

5. Getting Your Visa

As soon as you receive your visa, please notify the school in writing so that we may proceed to plan your arrival and stay.

6. Arriving In Canada

Canada is a wonderful country. Depending on the time of the year that you come or duration of your stay, you will need to prepare for the different seasons that we have.

Please make sure you bring the proper documents along with your visa and letter of acceptance. You will be asked about this at your arrival.

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